Web MIDI is a Great Cross Platform Tool

An Awesome Synthesizer Controller from Nathan Duprey
An Awesome Synthesizer Controller from Nathan Duprey

In the past week I’ve talked to at least 4 people building projects off of Web MIDI. I think it’s a great technology.

Why is Web MIDI Useful?

Web MIDI is a cross platform tool that allows standard web applications to communicate with MIDI enabled music hardware. Only Chrome offers support today, but that works on most computers.

It’s often a welcome compromise to maintaining MIDI enabled applications across multiple operating systems.

What Can Web MIDI Do?

  • Configure hardware and other physical instruments
  • Connect instruments like pianos for educational experiences
  • Connect controllers for interactive experiences

Who’s Using It?

There is lots of great work out there, but here’s a few examples:

  • Mod Devices use it to configure their guitar pedals
  • Yamaha use it to program their portable synthesizers
  • Pianu uses it to teach piano in the browser