The Creativity of Hackers Online: Through Malice And Intended Deception

As the age of the internet increases, so does knowledge and questionable behaviors of those equipped with the wisdom. Deception and treachery have caused people to indulge in an activity of heightened length. This false sense of security has caused many to think of the internet as a safe place, but there are hidden dangers. For the internet to be safe, we have to be mindful of what we do online. Unfortunately, our life savings and hard work can be snatched away, even while we sleep.The graphic below shows evidence of the documented incidences of the breached online security between 2013 and 2016. During this period, over 412 million websites were hacked throughout the country.

The notion that you can make money while you sleep may now be threatened with unrest and sleepless nights. Banks, businesses and the social media are getting hacked by those knowledgeable in the computerized intelligence and systems. On-line security that was once only reserved for the FBI, is now an individual need that is increasingly becoming a required necessity. Personal identities are becoming compromised; creating an atmosphere of helplessness and threatening the development of firms and major American businesses. Personal and confidential information can fall into unsuspected hands and can spiral one into failure. There is no respect into what motivates those who engage in such injustice, criminal, and degrading actions. It is an attack on civilization, on our economy, the internet, and our future. American businesses and other worldwide businesses now have an additional task, of protecting their revenue and that of their consumers and others with whom they have business relations. The exploitation of the computers network can create barriers and drawback to advancement on a worldwide magnitude. The American Society is always experiencing change. It is positive change we seek but unfortunately this vision is often hampered by hackers online bringing chaos, shame, distrust, degradation.

Being careful, not recording password and account information online, is a positive approach to being safe while online.We must work on maintaining our incredible worldwide social network, the internet; that is opening doors to the outside world, bringing unification among people and nations around the globe. Such a phenomenon is the work of enlightenment, of a supreme nature, and what makes our nation, and our World a powerful one. Of course, this may inspire those with evil incentives, revengeful, and with other unknown negative motivation and intentions. Their intent may perhaps be the speedy selfish want to increase or the need to succeed. Be it the human survival need or the want to succeed, all types of deception is wrong because it is not the ethical way of doing things. These hackers use their malicious efforts to intervene in the general goodness of men, working on bringing failure to the ascending system, and they should see it as such. Corrupting the system with malware will have an impact on us all, for we will all become victims if the system fails. There are important sources of information, that civilization and the government need to safeguard in order to function. Those who are not for the system, should consider themselves enemies because they are hampering progress. We progress when we help one another as a nation. We have to be aware of this unwanted practices as evil lurking among us, and we cannot ignore its existence.

Banks, businesses, and the social media are in danger of doom. On-line security that once was only reserved for the FBI, for the government and business is now an individual’s need that is increasingly becoming a required necessity, threatening hard working citizens and the family units as well. This is because we are all now evolving, becoming a computerized nation. People as young as three years old and even younger are now able to perform on-line, even without the ability to read; them being so young. This shows how intertwined the internet is with our daily lives. Personal and confidential information if compromise, is therefore a threat to the family function. Those engage in such injustice, criminal, and degrading actions, should acknowledge this as a disservice to humanity. Although there is no study to understand why these people engage in such practices, yet it can be understood that unemployment would be one of the reasons. American businesses and other worldwide companies, now have an additional task of protecting their revenue, business information, that of their consumers and other business with whom they have business relations worldwide. Being careful, not recording passwords and not giving account information online and over the phone when you are not sure who is getting the information, is a positive approach for individuals working on being safe online.

In order to be safe online, we need to be more conscious of safeguarding our legal and personal documents. Our online transactions, e.g. credit transfers and online purchases should be closely monitored and done in moderation when possible. When you have a small or moderate amount of transactions, it is easier to keep track of what you’ve done and identify discrepancies. Keeping a close watch on operations, occurrences within your business and personal affairs, and maintaining a record is vital to succeeding on-line. Another way you can protect yourself, is by using a secondary account when working online and making purchases. You can also protect yourself, by investing in an identity theft protection program. These careful approaches will keep you informed, fulfilled, thereby reduce anxiety and eliminate useless distress when you are offline.

The Associate Press reports that the greatest hack incident was in Yahoo, which had 500 million records compromised. The record also shows FriendFinder Social Networks being hacked and 412 million records compromised, and also Myspace with 360 million records compromised. This discrepancy filtered into other retail business, health sectors, non-profit denominations and the postal service, but those later business sectors experienced less severe instances of attack on the scale of the Largest Data Breaches.

Those who engage in such practices should instead focus on using their intelligence to bring positive change and enhancement to society. There are many avenues where they can find employment and work. Those with the intelligence can open a research lab where they can get funding from different companies and various sponsors. This is just one out of many suggestions. There are always companies seeking enhancement and those with the intelligence are continuing to be in great demand. The economy is continually increasing, and it would be better to consider filling a need than to create drawbacks. Who knows — If Steve Jobs was a negative person, we wouldn’t have enhanced so much in technology, in such a short space of time. Now that we have lost him, imagine how much would have been lost to humanity worldwide, should he and the other technology developers not have been so honorable and good to mankind. We are all so blessed that he came. We need to consider how precious we all are in society. We all have a good purpose we need to fulfill in this world! We are born good!