Let's use functionality that is a part of Rails’ core.

To create rails api and using posgreSQL application run this in your terminal:

Open application directory:

Create Model Photo run this:

Create Controller Photos run this:

I am using react-infinite-scroll-component with my Photo Viewer react.js application. Git repo of this component is:

Installation react-infinite-scroll-component to your project:

npm i react-infinite-scroll-component

I am using infinite scroll in Photo.js component

procfile contains:

If you just started learning algorithms sorting algorithms would be the most popular.

Bubble sort.

Bubble sort is a simple sorting algorithm. The algorithm starts at the beginning of the data set. It compares the first two elements, and if the first is greater than the second, it swaps them. It continues…

If you want to merge two Github repos and do not lose a commit history, let’s do it right now :)

After these steps, your repo second will be in repo first directory with all history of repo first and repo second.

Important!!! First, try it with test repositories, so…

IEnumerable<T> Interface

IEnumerable has a GetEnumerator method which returns a link to another interface iterator.

IEnumerator defines functions to iterate through the objects in the

You need to have installed Node.js and npm before following the next step.

First, create a new folder for our node.js application and go to that folder.

Run npm init command to create a package.json file for your application.

You will get an application specifics configuration

Today I would like to demonstrate how to use react-beautiful-dnd.

Let's start by creating a react application.

To start working with this app go to the task-dd directory. Let's test it.

You should see the standard react page logo in a browser and files and…

Using GraphQL we can send a request to the one endpoint, which has methods to return what you need depending on your query.

The query may look like this:

Screenshot from Graphiql

With the REST API you need to send requests from the client to multiple endpoints to collect users, posts, and comments…

Stacks is Last In First Out (LIFO) linear data structure.

Basically, a stack of books for example, in a stack of books the last book comes first.

The easiest way to use an array as a stack, using array’s method push and pop.

push() adds an element into the end…

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