Do You Really Own Your CryptoKitties?

Greg McMullen
Dec 14, 2017 · 7 min read
The CryptoKitties marketplace. Prices are listed in ether (approx. $700 USD / eth).
The Genesis Kitty.

What is a CryptoKitty?

A sample of CryptoKitties with the Calicool trait.

Owning CryptoKitties

Are CryptoKitties like baseball cards?

Barry Bonds is not a CryptoKitty.
My Rebel Leader Clara is for sale. She’s one of the top scientists in the solar system! Edition 7/50.

Are CryptoKitties not at all like baseball cards?

The new look for CryptoKitties? Axiom Zen — hit me up!

So what do I own?

But I want to own my Kitty! (or: making digital property real)


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Greg McMullen

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I’m a lawyer. I like the internet.

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