Cost-Benefit Analysis of Attending a Friday Night House Party using Fibonacci Numbers

I went to house party last night. It was all right, had a few drinks, met some cool people, and acted silly as per my usual.

I’m not exactly hungover right now, but I’m trying to do some work in the office, emphasis on trying. Focusing is kinda hard. Bleh.

This nagging question has been crossing my mind a few times today: Was it worth it?

Well, let’s figure it out, as objectively as possible. I’ll rate each item with Fibonacci numbers (1,2,3,5,8,13) with 1 being minimal significance, while 13 is the maximum.


  • Lack of Sleep: I went to bed at 4am, got up at 8. Alcohol usually doesn’t let me stay asleep. (8)
  • Danger is Fatty McFattyFace: Alcohol and lack of sleep hurts my progress to become Six-Pack-Abs McAbsFace. (3)
  • Money: I spent $14 on beer and chips from Duane Reade. (1)
  • Opportunity Cost: I could have done something else, instead of spending six hours being out. Like knitting a sweater. Or picking belly button lint. (3)

Cost Total: 15 points.


  • Meeting People: I mingled. People know me now. Yay. (8)
  • Connecting with Friends: I played with friends. Yay again. (8)
  • Sometimes: You just have to drink and party. (3)
  • Friday Night: What else you gonna do, mang? (1)
  • Now: I can just work through the weekend and next week without being restless! Smart! (1)
  • Girly Girls: Maybe I can date that one chick I met at the party? (13¹³… so game over.)

Benefits Total: 302875106592274 points.

Ok, so Benefits > Costs. By a smidge.

Well, that was expected. Because this whole post was for me to be distracted from wondering:

Why isn’t she replying to my text?