Crypto one stop solution! COSS!

Hey, everyone! Give a look at COSS, do not miss your chance

Here is there basic logo of

The first exchange where you can find everything you need about cryptocurrency. Their project COSS mean Crypto-one-stop-solution, the objective is to get everyone in the cryptocurrency movement which is flourishing by using a revenue share incentive. We need a simple and easy to use platform if we want the majority of the population to accept and understand crypto-currency. COSS offers a really interesting concept, where the holders of the token will receive a % of the company weekly revenue automatically by smart contract in their account. More precisely, 50% of all profits made through the point of sale (POS) and the exchange fees in crypto-currency will be distributed among COSS holders based on the respective balance of token in their account or wallet.

A video about the Fee-Split allocation.

Yes, an other interesting feature of coss will be the possibility of holding you token in your personal Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet and still receive your part of the share!

Amazing, they’ll even have a merchant list and point of sell, Crypto market cap page, services for developers like proof of development and know you developer (KYD) so Devs will be able to aquire extra credibility.

Coss is actually in ICO phase and will be tradable around the 20 of September. Here’s a video:

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