MP!*! Urban farming.

I decided to post about Urban farming.First, because nature loses more and more space as we grow in size, second because the innovation in the field of green technology for green farming is really evolving fast.

were you aware that;

community wastes were used in Machu Picchu, water was conserved and reused as part of the stepped architecture of the city, and vegetable beds were designed to gather the sun in order to prolong the growing season. Amazing!

I didn’t know that, read it on wiki

Now we hear about many news ways of farming, growing indoor vegetables and interesting ways of feeding more cleanly and economically than we were able in the past. For example, many companies and the group of farmers are talking and already began working aquaponic farms which combine fish farming and hydroponic vegetable farming, we even hear of it being tested with the vertical farm for the vegetables.Other innovative project and technology like indoor vegetable growing boxes, vegetable growing tower and way naturally feed the plant without artificial products

When I see all those positive innovations that make it become easier to do and more affordable for us to be healthy, it warms my heart. Thank for taking a moment and remember it’s not easy for everyone to understand and apply healthy habits helping them start by showing the example and not judge them. ❤.*

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  • Urban farming
  • Indoor farming technology
  • Clean technology.

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