Natural capital assets unlocked by Cryptos (Updated)

This is a representation of natural assets in a municipality.

When talking about natural capital assets, most people are not aware that there are a system and service that is used to regulate, account, trade, sell and monetize those assets. It is known that trying to take part in this industry isn’t for everybody, a lot of companies are private and demand to make an early deposit to escrows, 3rd party registrations plus, many certificates and verification are generally needed before having access to those practices.To give you an idea of what are natural capital assets; When a company, example a delivery service, reduce the amount of carbon it produces, based on defined mathematical formulas, by using electric cars or reducing gas consumption. This company gets audited by services like ImpactChoice or TerraPass and, based on their good effect on the environment, will receive carbon offsets or certificates that they can sell to other company that doesn’t fill their condition on environmental impact. Often companies have an extra tax to pay when polluting more than allowed to, the natural capital market is a solution to avoid paying more taxes but its forces companies to pay or make an effort in protecting our environment and at the same time reward those that do protect nature. There are multiple types of natural assets like water restoration certificates, renewable energy certificates, carbon offsets or mitigation credits and many others could be mentioned in here. Originally the practice of auditing, evaluating, and capitalizing the non-material aspects of nature have been created to push companies to respect the health of their land, accord more importance to environmental sustainability and take in consideration the degradation or amelioration of their property/lands when it comes to accounting the production capacity, resources value on a land and other factors.

, is a company founded in 2009 and based in Mauritius, an island close to Madagascar. The team is really transparent and have an available social network profile, most have more than one success at their active, a plus IMO. They are specialized in environmental sustainability solutions, driving demand for natural capital assets, guiding through the installation and supplying technologies to the company wishing to reduce their environmental footprint. In the overall, their approach is to work closely with companies to help them grow their revenue, reduce and control their environmental impact trough audition of the company various environmental aspects, then after evaluation of the audit and management that consist in the reduction of consumption phase. They have technology and techniques like climate neutral fuel, waste-to-energy that both are used in the carbon mitigation process. In addition, if after the audition, management, and mitigation the legal and corporative emissions goal aren’t attained, it is possible to acquire micro carbon credit. Impact Choice is at the moment working on the creation of a blockchain based exchange and a token to suit it called Earth-token. Working on making the world a cleaner place, they also have a funding program for environmental sustainability projects. For more information about natural capital assets, give a look at their blog it contains many educative articles on the subject

is based on the Ethereum technology and respect the ERC20 standards The main purpose of the Earth token will be to serve as base currency in the natural asset exchange that Impact Choice is creating at the moment. With the services and technology already in function and the natural exchanges in creation, the team will aim at tokenizing the various assets like Renewable Energy Certificates, Carbon Credit Assets, Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC, e.g. the presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property), metered output, and climate assets. The aim is to open this industry to everyone, with the tool that Ethereum offer it will be possible to decentralize the natural assets market at the moment pretty closed to SME and individuals and make it possible for everyone to contribute to the development of this already growing industry. In the future, we can expect the crypto-currency feature coming from Earth token and his community to engage in multiple projects wishing to contribute to the protection and reparation of our planet.

Now, more about the token metrics. The max supply will be 1 billion unit and Earth token ticker will be EARTH. The distribution of the token will be made by Inicial Coin Offering(ICO) and bounty reward program and divided this way: 60% Public offering 40% for the 3rd party service providers to Token Sale, Token Sale logistics, technology platform partner, founders, stakeholders, advisors, early contributors(bounty program and investor), EARTH reserve, market making, reserved for liquidity, incentives to contractors and suppliers.
The ICO will be divided into two part, pre-sale of a week and main-sale during 4 month.

Pre-sale (1 week long) will begin: 17 November 2017 12:00 GMT.

Main-sale (4month) follow on: 24 November 2017 12:00 GMT and end 15 march 2018.

The rates are announced as following, Base rate 4000 tokens for 1 ETH or 0.0625 BTC. If we make a quick estimate of the US rate based on an approximate Ethereum price (300$ USD) Earth token base price will hover around 0.075 USD. The minimal investment amount is 0.0625 Bitcoin or 1 Ethereum, those will be the accepted currencies:

  • Pre-sale:
    5200 token/ 0.1BTC or 1ETH (30%bonus)
  • Main-sale:
    Week 1: 4800 Earth token/ 0.0625BTC or 1ETH (20%bonus)
    Week 2: 4400 Earth token/ 0.0625BTC or 1ETH (10%bonus)
    Rest of the ICO: 4000 Earth token/ 0.0625BTC or 1ETH (Base price)

All in all, I strongly believe that the Earth token project with its currently available technologies, services, and approach on audits can bring a plus to the actual environmental situation. The idea of opening the natural asset industry and environmental impact mitigation solutions to the world community through the innovation of blockchain like Ethereum will make more resources and possibility available when it comes to protecting our planet. Impact Choice, to me, on this one really aimed right at the target of humanity priorities of our era. For those who are interested in supporting and investing in this project, well don’t miss your chance on the 17 November to take part in the crypto and eco-community and PLEASE READ ADVERTISEMENT BELOW.

The only trusted source of information related to this Token Sale will be the official Earth Token website ( ). No other information source will carry official information! Any Ethereum addresses advertised elsewhere should be considered ‘scams’. Earth Tokens will be fully transferable and exchangeable and will be listed on selected exchanges once distributed. This is not a recommendation to invest, this article is for information purpose only, always do your own due diligence. I will not be held responsible for any possible losses from other parties.

Thanks for your precious time, all my best wishes.
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