I spent a lot of time debating people inside journalism organizations, and often was on the losing end of the argument. I lost a healthy amount of respect for the industry itself, and ultimately decided that I didn’t want to work in it anymore. Too frustrating. Too resistant to change. At the time of my leaving, I really felt like whatever happened to the industry was fine — if these organizations didn’t want to adapt and live, life would go on.

Then the election came, and the deluge of garbage passing for journalism trickling through my social media feeds reveals a populous clearly not suited to level our own bias: We share the stories that corroborate our feelings and perspectives, and often they fall apart at the slightest provocation.

A lot of people take true journalism very seriously, and they do it so the lot of us can be better informed. I respect the work and have found the research, reporting and fact checking a sane counter to debunking the amazing amount of bullshit I have encountered on the web. I don’t want to make saving journalism my personal mission, I do want to correct the error of my ways. This shit is critical to our continued success.