Jetpack: A Product Design Case

Focusing on my design process at Jetpack


Jetpack is a bootstrapped creative agency specializing in Advertising for the media industry. With ever evolving digital advertising industry comes change. With Jetpack, they wanted to find more opportunities that broke away from a creative agency model, and more toward the technology side of their business.

Team and Role

I had joined the Jetpack as the sole Product Designer on the platform, which included a dedicated Director of Product, CTO, Lead Engineer, and a number of Graphic Designers to assist on projects.

My role with the team as the dedicated Product Designer was to evaluate an existing platform that was used internally for their Advertisement creation and campaign executions. I worked on various aspects of revising their User Experience, Interface, and Visual Design.


The primary clients for Jetpack came from Advertising teams within the news media industry. Existing clients such as Turner Media looked to Jetpack to execute their ad campaigns. With budgets within these teams being dramatically cut within recent years, Jetpack wanted to offer a SaaS product based on their own internal tool.

Users of the platform included Graphic Designers, Account Managers, and Campaign Managers. These are the traditional team members within media advertising to execute these types of campaigns. We also looked to programmatic solutions to extend our reach to buyers and sellers in that field.



Qualitative and quantitative surveys were sent out to internal users of the platform to get a gauge of their experiences. Questions such as overall quality, task performance, and feature needs were asked. We determined that the internal tool was quite confusing as to how ad creation was connected to campaign execution.

Heuristic Evaluations were also conducted to determine issues within the current User Experience. Multiple aspects of the product were evaluated such as user control, consistency standards, error prevention, and help/support documentation.

Competitive SaaS Products Chart

Competitive Analysis

We also conducted contextual interviews with potential clients based off of these surveys in order to get an idea of similar products they used. We were able to create a competitive analysis from those interviews on where we could position ourselves for potential opportunities. As well as feature lists that were lacking in other platforms.

Campaign Creation Task Flow

User Feedback

With the feedback we received from our research interviews and surveys, we were able to plot out the revised User Experience. Various task flows were created to attribute for user tasks and the branching actions to complete those tasks. The diagram above shows how campaign execution tasks could be completed from beginning creation to execution. As well as being able to create templates of a campaign to speed up efficiency.

Carousel Feature Wireframe


Wireframes were created to help outline the interface design of various features such as the above image. This highlights the gallery module feature in the ad builder section of the platform.

Platform Programmatic Dashboard Interaction


Elements within data visualizations helped give more granular details on metrics for users.

Design Iterations

Programmatic Tag Generator — 1st Iteration
Programmatic Tag Generator — 2nd Iteration
Programmatic Tag Generator — 3rd Iteration
Programmatic Tag Generator — 4th Iteration


Beta Release

In September of 2017, the Jetpack platform was released to a public BETA.

Success Metrics

After Beta Release, we were able to sign new partnerships from major publications such as Ziff Davis, Purch, PMC, and CBSi. The platform is integral to each publications daily operations to create and serve rich media across dozens of sites, hundreds of content pages, and thousands of placements across the web.



Hello! I’m Gabriel Mendoza. I am a Product Designer with an emphasis on User Interface, Interaction, Visual, and User Experience design.

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Gabriel Mendoza

Hello! I’m Gabriel Mendoza. I am a Product Designer with an emphasis on User Interface, Interaction, Visual, and User Experience design.