Evaluation of Credibility: Has The Lyricism Been Erased from Hip Hop?

Ryan Bassil, a writer, editor, and commissioner for VICE’s music channel Noisey, writes some of the most intriguing and factual articles on today’s music industry of the world. In one of his many articles, Has The Lyricism Been Erased from Hip Hop?, published on June 11, 2015, he discusses the change in the lyrical content in hip hop over the last forty years. Bassil started off his article by introducing how important and vital lyricism was to hip hop and rap at one point. He then tied in and incorporated older artists like Wu Tang’s GZA, who believe that lyricism is a “lost art,” and compared their old fashioned views with the newer generation of artists. Bassil also discusses the intentions of current hip hop artist and the contemporaneous demand in the industry.

Though there are many articles explaining the accumulated changes of hip hop, Ryan Bassil’s article Has the Lyricism Been Erased from Hip Hop? seems to be very credible because of his other numerous threads and articles, precise information and facts, and legitimacy of the company in which he publishes his articles for.


At the very top of the page, the article reveals the authors name, date, and time in which it was published, leaving no un-answered questions about the credibility of the information. Although I could not find too much background information on Ryan Bassil, I did in fact find hundreds of different articles published on VICE by him and all of them relating to music. In this day and age skill is everything, and I believe that Ryan has a great amount of skill and experience evaluating all genres of music and the artists involved.

Information Accuracy and Relevancy

Throughout his article, Bassil does a great job with providing both relevant and accurate information. He did a fantastic job incorporating older artist into the equation by sharing their views on the industry and how it has changed. For example, Bassil used Wu Tang’s GZA, a well-respected artist known for producing songs without repeating rhythmic patterns, to represent the older generation and how he believes that “At the end of the day it’s all about the lyrics.” Bassil also incorporated other artists, albums, and songs for evidence and even added hyperlinked articles, essays, and videos to watch along reading his article. All of these ideas and supporting evidences used by Ryan Bassil helps establish his credibility for any readers of this article.


This article, along with all of Bassil’s others, was published on a website (VICE) which focuses on arts, culture, and news topics. VICE is a popular, off the grid, website and print magazine that focuses on issues that most mainstream news sources don’t. Although VICE has many monthly readers and viewers, they still focus on what is most important in society without letting the money or outside influences control their content. This was a big factor in ultimately determining whether or not Noisey/ VICE is credible. Because they are determined to providing such raw and authentic content, I believe that VICE is a very credible organization.

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