My love letter (and goodbye?) to Austin

Ok here goes…Sounds like it’s a CX/behavioral issue with the app/concept itself. As usual. With WAZE for example I think the community thing works because you’re helping each other out and that helps you out. Person to person. It’s more circular and obvious and peer-to-peer. Localeur (weird name — is it french, the app, the contributor?) seems kind of linear. Why would I help restaurants get more customers? I already can just google what I like and I know my local environment fairly well. As a tourist somewhere new how can I be sure some locals taste in (say, vegan) food is the same as mine? Now if there were new things popping up all the time and I got “in the know” and maybe even got paid through restaurants funding some sort of points conversion then I might be interested. Maybe if there were a aspect where “people like me like food like this at places like this” option then that’d help. Feels a lot like Gowalla….very sad to say.

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