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Art, community, and positive !vibes. That’s what brought us into NFTs, and that’s what we’re building with the gm groundhogs. GMG is more than just an animal avatar. It’s more than the hoodie that comes with it. It’s about building culture, community, and value.

What are the gm Groundhogs?

  • The gm groundhogs will be a collection of 1,993 Hogs minted on the Solana blockchain. 1,886 Hogs will be minted, and seven 1:1 hand assembled Hogs, including one designed by world renowned artist Timmy Ham, will be airdropped to lucky Hog holders (airdrop late January 2022).

How much will they be?

  • 1 Hog and 1 Hoodie = 1 SOL

What do you get when you own a gm Groundhog?

  • Free mint on second NFT drop


Does every Hog come with a hoodie? Yes.

Will every Hog come with a GMG x Feature hoodie? No, ~250 lucky hog holders will receive the GMG x Feature hoodie. The rest of the Hogs will come with a GMG designed hoodie that will also be dope.

What does the hoodie look like? Below are some art concepts for the hoodies

Rare GMG X Feature hoodie concept design
Common GMG hoodie concept design

Can you ship the hoodie worldwide? Yes, shipping fees will apply

When will I get my GMG hoodie? Early next year, we will take a snapshot of Hog holders. Those who hold a hog will receive access to our store to place their order. Hoodies will then go to manufacturing, and we are targeting delivery in April of 2022.

What if I miss the hoodie ordering window? Due to manufacturing logistics, if you miss the ordering window, you will not be able to redeem a hoodie. Details for ordering will be announced frequently in Discord, and we will try to give you plenty of time to place your order.

When is the second GMG NFT launch? We don’t have a firm date for our next NFT drop yet. Building a quality project takes time, and we have big plans for 2022

Will the team receive any pre-mint hogs? Yes. We will be pre-minting 100 hogs. Some of those Hogs will be given to the team, and the rest will be used for future giveaways and marketing purposes.

What happens if all the Hogs don’t sell? If any Hogs are not minted by 1/14/22, the candy machine and mint site will be turned off, and the remaining Hogs will be locked in the GMG vault. The team and community will decide what to do with any remaining Hogs.

Learn more about GMG

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