Electricity model makes existing models obsolete

First please consider the article sent by Samuel Golding, the President at Community Choice Partners, Inc. with a timely message about the energy model development in California. After that you will my response that makes their models obsolete.

Dear Mr. Golding,

Thank you for your timely message “I enjoyed your ‘systems leadership’ article, and think you will find this recent article of mine explaining California’s “Community Choice Energy” market transformation to be of interest.” Next this initial free of charge response will show that the “Community Choice Energy” is a market transition not a market transformation, but you will also see how to help emerge a systems (more than market) transformation with systems leadership anchored in the direct democracy of all communities, all the way from local to global, to start to change the rules of the game for representative democracy.

Browsing your article with the “find” tool (not reading all of it), you use the words “transformation” once, “vision” twice and “systemic” twice. I am focused just on that here. You say in the article “What most industry observers in California don’t seem to comprehend is that “Community Choice” is not just a retail market transformation — breaking through the limitations on Direct Access imposed after the California Energy Crisis of 2000 to 2001 — but a much deeper and more profound structural change than individual “customer choice” could possibly create.”

You also say in the article “The Redwood Coast Energy Authority agency in Humboldt is arguably the first CCE 2.0… While it doesn’t have all the 2.0 functional capabilities listed above (no CCE does yet), it really defined the vision and laid the tracks along which all CCEs are now evolving.”

In response to Tom Arnold, you say “California does not have a 21st century market structure, the CPUC’s “Green Book” / “Customer Choice Project” failed to provide any sort of systemic vision or actionable roadmap in that regard, and we all need to fill that intellectual void ASAP.”

As I claim to have already “fill that intellectual void,” there is a contradiction between the VISION and the ROADMAP. The VISION that correspond to one person or a very small team enables a Big Shift in direction which is a transformation on a radical institutional innovation where scalable learning is the key at this stage. The ROAD that correspond to a consensus of the statu quo is just a transition on incremental institutional innovation within the current unsustainable direction, where CCE 3.0 is under scalable efficiency. So CCE 2.0’s is not about what Roberto Verganti suggest is a VISION in his after the facts book .

To approach the Big Shift in direction, I guess California has one of the best potential to develop my systemic VISION in the 2013 post ,” which starts with the following quote:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller

Then the first paragraph of its summary says:

“Adequate electricity system restructuring is a key subsystem component of the adequate global society system restructuring needed to enter the Golden Age of the first technological revolution of what this author conjecture is a systemic civilization. From a heuristic system architecting perspective that Golden Age will be the result of the design of the value creation generated by the highly complex socio economic system that none of the subsystems by themselves is able to provide. Such value is the result of the relationships among global society subsystems.”

Since them, I have concentrated on the systems architecting of the systemic civilization VISION. Timely enough, there is right now a very likely opportunity in the WikiTribune startup (or maybe a startup without its current limitations), for which I wrote the entry Once again, California has the best people available to do the Big Shift n direction away from traditional top down investor bound media to a bottom up community bound one.

Jose A Vanderhorst S

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