The designer’s dilemma
Aga Szóstek

Like you, this is one of my favorite topics. So, please consider my post A Battle of the Peircian — Cartesian War, which starts like this:

The scientific experiment, in Peircian sense, “Who can be a LinkedIn’s community leader, that started the war against the Cartesians, has now a rich proof of the abuse committed by the Design Thinking manager, as the witness of our “private” discussions might confirm.

As I have been expelled out from the Design Thinking Group, the battle to have Charles Sanders Peirce recognized by the DT community seems to have been lost. The Cartesians, led by Paula Thorton, think they have won. However, nothing is father than the truth. Since it is still an open group, there is clear evidence at this moment that no discussions are left about Peirce and only one on Verganti.

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