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Social democracy: radicalise or its over…
Paul Mason

This goes beyond “neoliberalism is broken.” I have not read the book “PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future by Paul Mason, 2015, London: Allen Lane,” but [I] have been doing thought experiments that do not concentrate only on learning from the past, as I have also been learning a lot from the emerging future. [Please note in brackets updates to the original response. They don’t include minor editing.]

After reading my comments to the timely article Walter Bagehot would have loathed government by referendum, published by The Economist, for today, October 21, 2017, print edition, please comment to see if there are insights in them to help guide the future of humanity. This is my tweet of The Economist publication which I associate with The Wealth of Nations environment:

This is, for example, one of my recent tweet conversations that divide globalization into a Dark Globalization as a result of neoliberalism under The Wealth of Nations and the emerging Bright Globalization under The Wealth of Globalization. They are meant to be an introduction to my effort. After that, I will add active tweet images on an ongoing conversation that follows said example. The first tweet comes from the EU Summit.

These are the comments carried by the above tweet:

[This is the third update from the original response.] The key question on the second and fourth comments is the aim to act in the EU and indirectly in Catalonia is:

Will the need for a European wide referendum between a EU Super-state and a EU Minimalist-state, the way Switzerland is organized, dissolve Brexit from the EU side?

These are the latest tweets of a new conversations as a result of the above example.

[This is the first update from the original response.] This last tweet ended the thread. This is another thread based on my tweet before that last one.

These are the images of the above tweet:

[This is the second update from the original response.] Stealing from Paul Mason’s story the tweet that he referred to at the beginning of his lecture, I added a response to it applying the degrees of clarity:

Just before those last two tweets, this parallel conversation started in response to Livingstone “ Seems quite rhetorical…” tweet:

That’s about it goes right now.

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