After a devastating direct hit from Hurricane Maria last week that left 100% of their island without electricity
Trump Shocked To Learn Puerto Ricans Are U.S. Citizens After Their Plea For Storm Aid
Allan Ishac

This is a serious message not just for Donald Trump but to the true leaders of Puerto Rico to accelerate the electric service response. Is that 100 per cent of the island without electricity true? Under the old paradigm of a central electricity system that seems true. However, we need to actually know what percentage of the actual demand in Puerto Rico actually have emergency generators and battery inverters operating right now.

Do the people of Puerto Rico need to invest in an old power system that a few though leaders already know has no future and wait several months to get the whole unsustainable system back? Of course the rich would get their service back earlier than the poor that would be the last to get the service back. I suggest NO!!! Why wait so long?

I suggest that Puerto Rico should enable a sustainable system in which every person is able to invest in a vibrant retail market in which every customer has the freedom to invest in their individual apparently ineffective solution at first from the supply cost point of view, but no so under the big reduction in the shortage costs of having not service at all for a long time.

Aid should come to the poor to have solar power installed in houses designed under new standards which would enable value creation with digital technologies. Just think — What would have happened to big central station renewable investments far from customers houses under Hurricane Maria?

Then the new wires will be able to operate in two ways and a process of what John Hagel calls scalable learning would enable a platform, similar to that of UBER or that of AIRBNB would be in place. That suggestion is probably the first decision of the generative dialogue I suggest for the leaders of the electricity sector, for which I have written the following series of two EnergyCentral posts and one Medium stories.

Dissolving a protectionist threat to the solar industry starting in Puerto Rico
A Generative Dialogue for the emergent Puerto Rico energy ecosystem that ditches 20th century regulations
Can an emergent #PuertoRico energy ecosystem have the three things needed for #GlobalDebout?

The three things mentioned in the last post give clear signals of the change from the old paradigm to the new paradigm, that the thought leader Robert Hillard say:

It’s wrong to think that all a project needs is a scope, budget and timeframe. The three things that separate the best projects from the rest are: insight (into the future), simplification (of the business today) and inspiration (through new capabilities).
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