What would @realDonaldTrump say about a “fact of life” to help emerge a highly democratic global order?

Before showing the tweets enable the “fact of life,” an article which I translate as “Trump’s visit to Europe reflects the new United States order,” was the inspiration of the above mentioned thought experiment. That article from El Pais, can be read from that experiment entry:

The whole conversation of 6 tweets that led to the above mentioned tweet is shown first in a sequence from 1A to 6A. Then the whole conversation that was retweeted in tweet 2A is shown as a sequence from 1B to 7B, with the intersecction between conversations A and B at 6B. Finally, the most recent part of a very long tweet conversation comes from what is retweeted by tweet 7B as shown in conversation C, showing two sets of the 17 tweets, the sequence from 1C to 6C, where contrary to the no feedback, one negative feedback came in which was responded with several examples after that on 6C, with the buy-in starting to come back on the sequence from 14C to 17C.

Tweet #1A

Tweet #2A

Tweet #3A

Tweet #4A

Tweet #5A

Tweet #6A

Tweet 1B

Tweet 2B

Tweet 3B

Tweet 4B

Tweet 5B

Tweet 6B

Tweet 7B

Tweet 1C

Tweet 2C

Tweet 3C

Tweet 4C

Tweet 5C

Tweet 6C

Tweet 14C

Tweet 15C

Tweet 16C

Tweet 17C

Jose A Vanderhorst S

Written by

Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization

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