East Beach — Rhode Island’s Hidden Gem

Tucked away in the pristine summertime of South County is a big deal; Rhode Island’s REAL beach string that makes Newport’s crowded sand dunes look like a kiddie pool. East Beach, a ways down the shore from the more crowded and popular Misquamicut Beach in Westerly, is treated as a state park instead of a tourist trap.

Protected, untamed and untouched, this beach refuses to censor itself from the Atlantic seaboard as 2nd beach in Newport does. Rough, tall waves pound the coastline of this gorgeous strip of peach-colored sand, stirring the shoreline as they recede. This leaves the water a bright, pearly blue that entices beach goers to dive in. Because of the waves here, this beach is a perfect location for surfers scouting for great rides and few people.

Crystal Clear waters crash on the sandy coastline of East Beach

In the heat of the summer, Rhode Islanders back up the Mount Hope Bridge and Route 4 for miles as they pack into the usual beach spots of Narragansett, 1st Beach and Scarborough. The beauty of East Beach is its isolation. This surfer’s paradise of sorts is the getaway within the smallest state. Because the beach is a state park and so far outside the public’s eye, parking is free. Even throughout the hot summertime, the sandy parking lots of this beach are seldom packed. For a vacation getaway that feels like a world of its own, Charlestown’s East Beach is second to none.

Calm waters at East Beach