TourMeet — visit new places with new people

I love to travel and visit new places. No matter if I will travel inside my country or visit a foreign one. Nature is different at the different places you visit and you always feel that incredible sensation when you see something new. Do you feel the chills you get when you see something wonderful like this:

waterfall Rilska Skakavitsa, Bulgaria

But things I fight very often before going out to visit some place are:

  • Trying to find the perfect place
  • Convincing people to join me
  • Research where I can stay if I want
  • Check more info how long the walk takes

and some other minor details which are always a part of the preparation for tourism. I was wondering if there is a way to solve these problems. I could not find an already adopted solution so I decided to implement one. Meet TourMeet.

TourMeet — Meet new places and new people!

The TourMeet idea is to allow you to easily contact new people and go out on tourist walks with them. Suppose you don’t know a part of your region which you always wanted to visit. You enter a, find a place in the region and join a group of unknown tourists who are making a trip to there after two days. How nice is that?

It helps you:

  • Join new people on tourism and have great time together
  • Visit new places without having to give up a whole day just to research
  • Organize a meeting and invite friends and strangers to join you

You will never have to walk alone again!

Join the idea and start visiting new places with few clicks

Join the TourMeet community and start meeting new people and visiting new places with just few clicks. Here is the website: I will be glad to talk with you about the idea or the website and what you think about this whole thing. :) I hope you enjoy it! :)