The first two weeks of COVID-19 crisis management at dwarfs and Giants — insights into a self-organized company

How capable is a system to change and adapt when revenue drops by 85%? Insights from a self-organized consulting business — Pic: © Cris DiNoto via Unsplash

On Friday, March 13, 2020, the Austrian government announced the “biggest crisis since the second world war” and explained the measures to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Major parts of public life where stopped: the majority of shops, bars, restaurants, schools, universities and so on. Consecutively, air traffic was basically stopped, strict border controls started. People should “self-isolate” and have social contacts only with the people they live with.

Not surprisingly, these announcements put a consulting business like ours into a situation where basically all client work was questioned — the majority of our work is done in face-to-face…

dwarfs and Giants celebrated its third birthday this September. To be precise — that means 1157 days of rewriting the future of organization until today — but the other title felt more convincing :-) Like a 3-year-old toddler we spent the last 3 years full of joyful and painful learnings, setbacks, frustrations and overwhelm while discovering a new world full of possibilities. We had great projects with wonderful clients. We had tough conversations, shed tears and hugged afterwards.

One thing we learned about the evolution of wholesome organizations is that it needs radical honesty and the willingness to face your…

Over the past decades, we could witness the increase of structural complexity in corporates but also SME’s. The increasing need to integrate different views and underlying needs in management and decision-making processes, such as regions, product or service types, technologies, customer segments’ and so forth, led to complex matrix setups. It provided a structural answer to the rising complexity. Today’s mainstream opinion about matrix setups reminds a bit about democracy: it’s not solving all problems, but by now it is the best option we have come up with. …

One of our major principles at dwarfs and Giants is to eat our own dog food. For us, authenticly supporting organizations towards new ways of working and organizing requires to test things out for ourselves first. This time we used a tool developed and published by our colleagues of The Ready: The OS Canvas. (Thanks guys for your great efforts in developing and publishing it!)

The OS Canvas builds on the idea to create a equally meaningful and accessible tool for organization design as Alex Osterwalder and his colleagues did with the Business Model Canvas for the way we think…

Gerald Mitterer

evolutionary catalyst @dwarfsandGiants, passionate about #selforganization #responsiveorg #holacracy #purpose

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