Immigration Is Now A Top Issue for Millennial Women
Skimm Studies

Why would you choose to report on only half of your readership, excluding the opinions of older women and males? Your results imply that this group of millenial women represents the opinions of the rest of America. This in itself skews the results because it reflects today’s trend to report only what supports the premise of the reporter. Kudos to young women who are attempting to be informed, but so many of them grew up with an “everybody gets a trophy” philosophy, that I question your pandering to this group, and your deliberate omission of what might be a more informed group of your readers. You are making it clear that you do not value the rest of your subscribers. There is a certain knowledge and wisdom that comes with age, and it is best utilized when shared with the youth of this country. This survey contributes to the divisiveness we are seeing throughout our country today and makes me sad. Like the woman below, I am considering unsubscribing. You obviously don’t need people over the age of 25.