Because they oversimplify the problem into something that might be assigned in a sophomore computer…
Warren Myers

This post would have been cool if it were a tutorial about how to build a piece of toy software. There’s plenty of posts that do that well. But a toy software isn’t going to work at scale, and pretending that you were better than the team that tried to implement this at a much larger scale is silly. It’s not going to meet any of the real regulatory hurdles that government has to deal with, and it’s not going to work at the scale that people want it to work.

We simplify things when we teach them, and it doesn’t get into all the nuance that people really have to deal with. I think that this is a general problem with many industries. And, for most things, that’s fine. The nuance can come with experience.

But, when you’re a senior developer (as the original poster is) you should probably know better than to claim that this would work at scale.

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