What you need to know about Export Import Software’s for Business

Maintaining and Managing an Export Import Business is really complicated as compared to other industry verticals. To succeed in any business, the prime objective should be to achieve the best production results that is superior quality, smooth business execution, customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness etc.

In the case of an Export Import Company or business there are many aspects to be take cared of, like Purchase management, Sales management, Inventory management, Production, HR, Services, Entry mode strategies, Transportation, strategic planning management tools ,Time management etc. To correlate and to streamline all these areas is really a hectic task.

Janavaras International have designed an ERP software called EIMSO2 is an export import software, an International business software, aims on developing a company’s export or import strategy thereby helping your company enter or expand its presence into foreign markets. It have all the above listed modules and many other like Business Strategy teaching tools, strategic planning management tools.

EIMSO2 is based on Dr. Basil Janavaras’s book on Global Marketing Management System (GMMS) and it is the culmination of the author’s decades of experience in international trade research, teaching and training and personal involvement in business, including exporting and importing.

Who Can Use EIMSO2, Export Import Software

Companies contemplating business expansion in a global level

Instructors teaching international trade courses, international logistics and international marketing courses as Project basedteaching tool and project based learning tool.

Anyone interested in exporting / importing

Trade consultants, practitioners, and government trade specialists

Try the Demo Version

If you want to know more about our software and to try a demo version, then you can visit Export Import Software, EIMSO

Originally published at janavarasglobal.blogspot.com on August 29, 2016.