8 Reasons Why Putin is Demonized

Forget all the nonsense about Putin being a “dictator” — we are friends with plenty of dictators & undemocratic regimes. Here are some quick reasons why Putin is reviled in the West.

  • Putin made Russia really independent. It’s not a vassal state as it was in the 1990s when Wall Street and its chosen Russian oligarchs ruled the country
  • Under Putin, Russia became prosperous and free from debt and western banksters. Its debt-to-GDP is 18%, foreign exchange reserves is $450 billion, and the gold reserves is 6th largest in the world.
  • RT. The only international media that challenges western imperialism.
  • Putin is conservative and pro-Christianity and pro-traditional values. He built literally 1000s of churches in the last 17 years. Goes completely against Cultural Marxism
  • Putin banned GMO and wants Russia to be the #1 organic food producer. Look at Russia’s wheat production and export under Putin. From nothing, Russia grew to be the #1 wheat exporter, beating the US
  • Putin challenges the military industrial complex in both geopolitics and sale of weapons. Every US strategic ally is now also bonding with Russia and buying Russian defense systems, fighter jets etc. — Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Philippines, Thailand, India … you name it.
Iran, Turkey, Russia — a formidable alliance. It’s huge considering that Turkey is a NATO member
Saudi king visiting Russia for the first time in history
  • Putin wants to free Russia and its allies from Petrodollar, the Swift international payment system and western credit card system. He’s working with China on these goals. Russia is also working with China and India on a separate gold trading system (right now, the west controls/rigs the price of gold).
  • Putin is working on an independent Internet for BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa)

So there you have it. Independence from the NWO system and its media, monetary, military and other strangleholds. Of course he’s treated as public enemy #1