I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

Wow, this “journalist” is pretty ignorant. He wasn’t “completely nude” (she changed her story at least 3 times..which shows how bad you are..saying he was “partially naked” then “half naked” then “completely nude”) and it wasn’t excessive force (learn police policies by researching if you really are a “journalist”). He was kicking at them, reason for immobilizing his prosthetic, and he was resisting the majority of the time of the video. PLUS you weren’t there at the beginning to know what was happening…but you are blind since when you did start video taping you couldn’t see him resisting. People like this idiot journalist, are the problem. They make things up and “see” what they want to because they aren’t intelligent enough to see thru the “I hate police no matter what they do” mentality. You couldn’t cry “racism” due to there being an African American officer there (or I am sure you would have, which you did cry “white supremacy” once the original black officer that helped subdue him left, so you waited at least that long) so you make up other junk just to hear yourself on video. It just showed your job what a waste you are as a “journalist”. Sorry for whomever you write for, they do NOT get their moneys worth with you (but you probably don’t get paid and that is why they keep you around). Sorry, but YOU are a racist! Crying racism when there wasn’t any and when you have to wait until the black officer leaves to say it. You were looking for racism, which makes YOU the racist.