Coming to terms with how I spend my time.

I like to work. In fact, I may like it too much. There’s honestly nothing I enjoy more than to sitting down at my computer with a cup of coffee at a beautiful coffee shop (shot out to my local Deus) and jamming on something I’m excited about. It could be in the morning, evening, all weekend… no matter what, my mind always defaults to work when I have free time.

Over the past six months I’ve been battling with a weird internal feeling. I’ve been unable to label it properly but the closest emotion (if you could call it that) is FOMO — the fear of missing out.

I’ve found myself wondering what others may be doing while I’m working. What are other people doing with their weekends? with their Friday nights? with their holidays?…

My Friday night and weekends are work time. I look forward to it starting Monday morning. My holiday is a time to create. I want to dedicate every second to writing, sketching, visualizing, strategizing… every productive ‘ing I can think of.

Lately, FOMO has really crept in and I’m not sure why. I’ve conducted stealthy time audits of my close friends and family to see how they are spending theirs. What I’ve found has comforted me. I’ve found that others, like me, spend their free time doing what they love. Reading, cooking, working out, watching movies, etc. When they have a free moment they default to what they enjoy most. It’s a rather unsurprising discovery.

Unfortunately, the thing I love means I’m attached to a computer and that has a particularly negative connotation to it. Perhaps if I were at an easel or behind a guitar people would say “woah! That guy is doing what he loves!”.

I share this because I have a hunch other creators may think a similar way. It’s a constant trade between spending time investing in what you love or spending it having “fun”. I’ve re-learned it’s OK to prioritize what you love… so now I’ll get back to it.

Thanks for reading ✌️