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Hi Marcus. I think I can explain. The part about the book at least. The idea of feminising something though goes far beyond banking and I followed that out of the park. The financial crisis was just the spark that lit the flame. Banking is over masculinised as is the culture generally. It lacks a balance. The idea is was what drew me to Iceland to speak to people in the first place. The conversations I had with more than sixty people in Icelandic society over the course of three years lead to writing the book. This is only the Introduction for the book. The book isn’t about the way Iceland feminised its banking system. It did not. Things are in fact sliding back towards the way they were prior to 2009. The book explores why a country would think this way in the first place, what conditions might encourage this kind of thinking and what is equality? Equality is a destination to which we (all) have yet to arrive. It may even be something we have yet to even understand. This includes Iceland. We all have something to gain from it yet it is still presented largely as a women’s issue. It is not. It is a human issue. You can see a table of contents here and read another chapter. It is also about a lot of other things. Like music.

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