World War Zero
umair haque

It has always seemed that what we call World War I and World War II were actually two halves of the same war: the Twentieth Century War. That war was punctuated by an unsatisfactory interregnum of stagnated exhaustion pending the perfection of advanced homicidal technologies.

Aside from the eternal evolutionary penchant for warfare which we have inherited from our hominid ancestors (and which we share with our contemporary chimpanzee relatives, as observed by Jane Goodall in Tanzania) the cause of the Twentieth Century War was the birth of the “modern” nation-state — based upon resources, markets, and industrial economics — from the long and troubled birth-canal of millennia-old agrarian nation-states based upon language, botanical ecology and religious royalty.

The world today IS preparing for war, but rage and wealth discrepancies within societies are just excuses — the almost sexual frisson used to energize the slaughter to come. The next world-engulfing war is the ejaculatory paroxysm necessary to fertilize the gestation of the real post-industrial state — the state based upon the new religion of capital. This new nation-state will be based upon a shared faith in Value, standardized labor and service costs worldwide, and a permanent caste system of technocrats.

This New World will, if it survives the ravages of its birth, be much like a secular Hinduism, minus the transmigration of souls but dependent upon a universally-shared faith in Cash and the provision of caste-rationed pleasure to its citizens.

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