Good News for Podcasters: Google Play Music Launches Portal

Apple’s dominance in the podcast market is about to be shaken as Google ventures into the arena with the launch of Play Music portal.

Apple’s dominance in the podcasting arena is often taken for granted, as it was Apple that popularized podcasts thanks to the iPod and iTunes. However, they were primarily catered towards iOS users. Google is now set to change this with the launch of a new service, Play Music.

Launch of Play Music On October 27th, Google announced the rollout of its podcast streaming service, Play Music, on the Android blog. Industry players see Play Music as the Google alternative to Apple’s podcast service. Play Music will provide Android users an opportunity to get content of their favorite shows. But Google is not just targeting existing podcast listeners, but those who’ve never listened to podcasts before.

One differentiation of Play Music that may give it an edge over Apple’s service is the ability to deliver contextual content to listeners. The store will be able to recommend playlists or channels based on different factors, for example the mood a person is in, time of day, prevailing circumstances, content consumed in the past and so on. Google’s banking on intelligent recommendations to get more users to consume content from Play Music.

Google is already in talks with a number of popular content creators to have their shows and series available at Play Music when the service is fully rolled out. For independent podcasters and business owners, this is the time to create content in readiness for the public launch of the service.

Play Music for Business Owners Business owners can reach new audiences through Play Music by creating podcast shows for the platform. Like is the case with Apple, content creators can upload any type of acceptable shows on Play Music. With your content already in place, you can publish and benefit from fast mover advantage. If you already have a podcast on iTunes, you can tailor the content to be available at Play Music.

Originally published at on November 10, 2015.

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