Gary Vaynerchuk the mysterious rich guy

Gary is not your ordinary man in a world thrown into an economic stir. He is a hustler that doesn’t hustle the greens but hustles his time. Time is infinite, and money is not. Everyone has excuses whether it be to go to work, to do the dishes, to walk the dog, or even to sleep with their wife. Who would dare think of a headache as a logical excuse to not sleeping with their wife? Anyways, this man made three million dollars into sixty million for his family wine business within just five years. Five years was all it took for him to swing into making a multi-million dollar business. He currently runs Vayner Media which is one of the world’s hottest digital media agencies. It takes most average people about half their lifetime just to see three million dollars. What are we doing? Why are we failing at achieving our goals?

He was not always rich

There is a tiny stigma going around that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Well, I assure you that yes this statement might be a little true. But there are stories out there that show the poor can climb the ladder higher than the rich. The rich can’t climb because they can only fall down the ladder. He was born in Bobruisk, Belarus which was a part of the former USSR. His family moved to America on an exchange program for food aid. This allowed for his father Sasha to begin working at a relative’s liquor store. Gary started his hustling by ripping out flowers from his neighbor’s yard and using persuasion to make a profit. Later, he upgraded to an entire lemonade franchise and selling baseball cards. By selling items like this he was gaining information about the way we make money.

Vayner Media not what we expect

Vaynermedia is not a typical media company. It was started by both Gary and his brother AJ so that they could help large brands express their history on social media. This is not an average media site because unlike other places Gary had the New York Jets, and Pepsi. Media sites are slowly taking over the world because we are constantly eyeing social media. It’s just like back in the day when television commercials and magazines fought for attention. Now, social media tends to grasp the majority of the world, and television commercials are slowly becoming obsolete. His advice to a bunch of college students is that if they start to focus on their business now, then there is a higher chance of success.

If we lie to each other, we can lie to ourselves

During one of his speeches to the University of South Carolina, he makes it evident that we need to become more self-aware rather than going about our day to day life in a bleak manner. The easiest thing to do in life is a lie. If someone points at the sky and says it’s green, but the sky is really blue this is plainly a lie. We have a habit of doing exactly that to ourselves. The word entrepreneur makes us immediately think of shark tank or the people that have business ideas which never go anywhere because they lie to themselves saying that the business is not good enough to make it through the world. This is a lie. We waste so much time focusing on the negative aspects of us that we let what we are good at falter. What Gary suggested to a class is to focus on your strengths.

If you’re good at math, work so hard on that subject until you are so great that you become an anomaly in the world. He is an extremely interesting person because he came to America with nothing, but within twenty-four months after helping his family had twelve million dollars. What would you do if you had that much money in such a small amount of time?

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