Do you have some great story idea/tip/whistleblowing? Get in touch with me securely

This is my email : gv [at] riseup [dot] net

If you wish to encrypt your message and make sure it cannot be read by third parties (at least in theory), you’ll need to use specific software called PGP or GPG.

A good tutorial on how to find the software and set it up is here (for Mac users) or here (for Windows). If you prefer videos, this is rather good.

Here you will find my GPG public key necessary to encrypt your message:

And my GPG fingerprint is: 1F6F 705A 7708 4825 FE24 1A9D 67DC 9674 DE15 BF

Another way to get in touch with me is via OTR (off-the-record) secure instant messaging. If you need a clear explainer of what OTR is and how to use it, there you go.

So, this is my OTR account:

gv [at] jabber-hosting [dot] de

And this is my fingerprint: D0487BA6 8CA0B65C 61ECCCA1 2D95C14E 4201BEC0