My College Concerns

I am a freshman at the University of Akron, and let me tell you that college is nothing like high school. In high school, you had a review day before tests and quizzes. High school wasn’t stressful at all. The teachers might have piled you with a load of projects, homework, and speeches. But college is way different, your exams, midterms, final paper, and little quizzes all in the same week. This week I had an anatomy exam and lab midterm on Wednesday. That anatomy exam is over five chapters of material…Thursday I have a paper due and a CPR midterm. Friday I have a quiz in intermediate algebra on stuff we covered a couple weeks ago. Just trying to understand how to use my time wisely is really hard. I am a student that lives off campus at home. I am on top of my homework assignments, I usually get those done pretty early, so I don’t have to stress the last minute. Now study for exams on the other hand, I cannot figure out how to use my time wisely. I get distracted easily, I don’t really want, but I have to. For, example last night I started to study for my anatomy exam at 8:00 pm. What was I thinking, oh wait I had ice cream on the brain because my dad told my boyfriend and me to get him some after we visited his parents. Ice cream is a great excuse to start studying late.. haha.. I wish it was. Figuring out my time management for studying is what I am really worried about.

Another thing I am honestly concerned about are my grades. I have such high expectations for me, that if I don’t get a good grade or at least a grade I think got a test. I get very emotional about it and it’s because I care. It is also because I know how hard I study and how much effort I put into my work and when I don’t get a grade I think I received I get bummed out. For instance, I study my butt off for my anatomy exams and I haven’t gotten anything higher than a D on our exams out of 45 questions and a C on our exams out of 35 questions. We take online quizzes every week but those are only worth 10% of my grade and exams are worth 90% of my grade. I only need 4 more percentages to get a B in my anatomy class, so wish me luck.

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