Thanksgiving is one of my top 3 favorite holidays because everyone comes together and I have a big family. So, we don’t get to see each other a lot, so the holidays are nice.I am honestly thankful for the three families I have in my life. I actually go to two dinners, first I go to my boyfriend’s house around noon and eat right away. For dinner or should I say lunch, we had turkey, his mom’s homemade stuffing, and mashed potatoes with beef gravy. This year she brought out her real silver utensils and plates from her grandmother. I thought that was pretty cool because I have never seen anything quite like it before. After we ate we had some pumpkin role from Giant Eagle and it was good, but would have been better homemade to be honest. Then we went to the living room and just watched whatever football team was playing.

We left his house and headed on our way to Olmstead Falls, to my aunt’s house around 3:00 pm. Now at my aunt’s house we have my mom’s side over and my aunt’s side at the same time. Sometimes it is a little weird because my moms side will be in the living room with some of my aunt’s nephews, but the rest of her side is in the kitchen, dining room, and sun room the whole time. They converse somewhat, but you can tell that two different families are around.

We didn’t eat until 4:00ish and I only had my grandma’s home made dinner rolls and some fruit salad, because I was still stuff on the dinner I had at noon. I still sat around the table though and my boyfriend stopped playing with my little cousin to finally relax and eat some more. He just has to eat every two hours or he becomes a crab. It was enjoyable though we were all talking about memories from when I was really little and even though they were embarrassing it was funny.

After eating dinner we finally sat by the big flat screen tv and watched the Dallas Cowboys game. The Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving so that is one tradition that has never changed. We might of stopped going to Grandma’s for thanksgiving, but we will always watch the Cowboys. I am quite thankful for everyone I have in my life, even if I don’t know why they do certain things. Family is family and it is delightful to come together for the holidays.

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