God Won’t Wipe Away Your Tears Until You Let Him

Once in a while we all fall into depression. It might be a loss in our lives. Loss of a loved one. Loss of a job, failure at something important to us.

Depression comes about when we start looking for answers from the inside of us. We seek to draw understanding from our own wisdom. We start judging the world and our situation from our perspective.

And because our human wisdom and strength is limited, we get stuck in deeper confusion, frustrations and eventually we give in to depression.

The frailty of our being calls for higher help and that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we learn to focus on Him and less on our selves we start to experience a new life.

Problems and trials start to become opportunities for us to cling closer to Him and to draw from His wisdom and strength. The more we start to behold Him, the more we are empowered to endure hardships. We get a hold of our difficulties to the point that they cease to control our emotions out lives and our happiness.

Lose yourself and embrace Jesus. Let His love fill your heart and drive your ambitions. Refuse a bad day at work to control your emotions. Don’t let a broken relationship define you. Don’t wallow in pity and comfort foods. They will leave you empty and destroyed.

Humble yourself before the Lord. Admit that you’re helpless and defeated. Come to the end of yourself and let Him help you.

He doesn’t need you to do anything. All He wants to hear is your broken spirit crying out to Him, and like a loving Father, He will come to your rescue. Because you matter to Him and He loves you, He will wipe away your tears, fix your broken heart, fix your situation and introduce you to a new life found in Him.