The Little Things

They happen everyday. They are subtle. They are not jaw dropping miracles but they transform our lives in miraculous ways. If only we paid attention, we would notice the magnitude of our Lord’s love in the small things He does for us every single day.

An act of kindness from a stranger. A drizzle of rain on a hot day. A laugh of a baby. An unexpected hug from child. A visit from a friend.

We know God for the big things. We thank Him for the big house, big car, healing…We notice Him when big miracles happen and we forget to credit Him in the smallest miracles He does in our lives on a daily basis.

Feel the morning breeze, spread your arms wide, look heavenwards and breathe a thank you to the creator for a beautiful morning.

You are never too old to play in the rain. Take a moment and listen to its sound, close your eyes and enjoy its smell as it hits the ground.

Enjoy the colours of the sunset. Let them remind you of something. It is all in His creation. The best therapy is in His creation.