Who’s the monopoly now?
Jeff Dickey

“If you’re in Web development or media production, you’re almost certainly on a Mac.”

This is not even close to true and I don’t understand how anyone who professes to be a developer could possibly be completely unaware of Microsoft’s incredibly popular stack that is in very widespread use.

Yes Apple products are also popular, but claiming that someone in web development is “almost certainly” on a Mac is ludicrous. What’s your threshold for “almost certainly”? 90%? 80%? Mac users make up just 26% of the developer population according to Stack Overflow’s 2016 developer survey. Does that qualify as “almost certainly” to you?

There seems to be a false assumption being made by yourself and the author that what you can do on a Mac can’t also be done on a Windows PC or a Linux PC. I can think of nothing, except for iPhone app development, that has any real difference that matters between Mac and Windows.

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