Taking Small Steps turned out to be the Biggest Step I ever took!

My journey in the last 3 years taught me the importance of taking small steps.

Everyone Wants Money

Everyone want to earn a loads of money. A life where one doesn’t have to check the price tag before buying some item. Who don’t want to own a business that will earn for them and they don’t have to do much work and they can go on a long vacation whenever they want.

And everyone wants to do it without even moving their hands and while staying in their comfort zones.

The Money Making Mantra

Everyone is just wishing. Wishing that they find some mantra from somewhere that they recite once and money starts getting attracted towards them. There’s an old African tribal saying:

“Blah Blah Blah! There’s No Money Making Mantra”

Ok! It’s probably not African. And probably not even a mantra. I’m sure it must be a mantra in some parallel universe!

Elon Musk was asked in an interview

“How do you achieve so much when 24 hours in a day is applicable for everyone”.

“I work a lot”, he said.

“Only way to make insane money is to work insanely”

Take Small Steps To Achieve Big

Since 3rd year in college, I always wanted to make a billion dollar startup. But it was not a serious aim, just a wish. I was not taking any steps to reach my goal. Rather I was attending college parties and living my college dream. I was just going with the flow and I had an awesome time at college. After 4 years, it turned out that the billion dollar I wanted was not magically setup for me. And I joined a good software job which was kind of a dream job for everyone at college.

I thought that now that I have joined the job, I will do it for about 6 months and then leave it to start my own thing coz that’s what I wanna do. Apparently, after starting the job, weeks started passing like days and months started passing like weeks and in the blink of an eye, 6 months had already passed. Life was running at a 10x speed. I was still thinking about making my thing. After about 1 year at job, I thought that I should start working on this awesome idea I was stuck in my mind for sometime now.

I started working on it in every extra hour I had after office. A friend also joined me but left soon coz he didn’t want so much pressure after job. After about 3 months I had something working with me. It didn’t look very good so I scraped it and started working on another version that would look more professional. Working on and off on my side project 2 years had passed. Now I had something professional in my hand but it needed pacing up to get fully developed.

“Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”

The small steps that I took here:

  1. Thinking that I will actually work on some idea (For 8 months I was just thinking)
  2. Actually thinking about an idea and thinking that I will start working on this particular idea and learning how to develop an android app(4 months)
  3. Actually working on the idea at a slow pace along with my day job (on and off) (12 months)

These small steps took me to a place where I needed to pace up the development of my project. And switch it from a side project to the main project.

Take Action

Quitting your day job is one of the boldest steps. It is a hard thing to do but an important one.

I knew it when it was time to quit my day job. So one day quit it and start working on my project full time. Newly achieved freedom tasted so good that I couldn’t pace up all that I wanted. Some people left along the way coz I was poor now. But I slowly caught up with the needed pace.

It took me about 6 months to make the software and about 2 to market it and sell it. And I learned that I had made a wrong product. And I knew that I need to pivot my path again and not just the software.

So I quit this venture and started freelancing and learning more stuff about how things work. I wrote a whole article on why I quit my venture.

How The Small Steps Cover Big Distances

After my startup failed, I started reading books and learning stuff from experts on the internet. I was living the life in a completely new way. I could never have imagined that I would be living to the fullest like this.

I found this new me by going out of my comfort zone and staying there long enough, struggling, learning new stuff in areas like business, marketing, leadership, personal relations, business networking etc. What I learned there won’t let me come back to the old lazy me who used to think that a billion dollar startup will magically appear after I end my college and takes 8 months to just think about that I will start working on some startup idea.

Never Look Back

Now I’m a fast mover. The thing that I did in about 3 years (trying out and failing at a startup) will not take me more than 3 months now. So I have come a long way from where I started.

My steps are bigger than ever now. And I’m consistently working to make my steps bigger and my vision more clear to walk in the right direction.

I have joined another job to pay the debts I took from family and friends during my startup.

I don’t know my destination but I know my path. And I know that I am going in the right direction.

Be it small steps or big ones, they will pay off. Just Don’t stop.

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