Anxiety looks like;

Anxiety looks like a nice big smile on a beautiful face, normal conversation and interaction amongst people and family. Behind that smile, is ruminating, obsessive thinking that goes in circles, overthinking and ticking energy that can’t seem to calm down. Berating and negative self talk, worrying about the future or future event. I can’t say it happens daily maybe once a week or every couple of days. Sometimes once a month, sometimes it lasts a couple of hours and sometimes it last a couple days. Often a comment or event triggers the feeling of anxiety, by reminding me of a time a place or situation that I might have to face or a memory of something that has already occurred that was painful or very hard to deal with.

I’ve learned to ride what I call the wave I don’t have to fix it I don’t have to change anything or try to make it better I can just BE with it. Live in the moment for however long it lasts till it rides out and leaves me calm and at peace once again. Like when a storm passes, the sun shines again and it’s all peaceful beautiful vulnerable and calm again. I’m not anxiety, I’m me and I’m so grateful for all the struggles that make me uniquely me. #sundaysshare