No one would know cuz you walk around with a smile on your face, but your dying inside your blank, black and darkness. You’re numb you want to feel and since feeling is so painful you’d rather have physical pain, Or no pain at all. You feel like no one gets it so you keep it all inside and its burning you up and ripping you apart, It’s killing you slowly as it takes over and grabs a hold of your whole soul. YOU are bigger than your pain, how can I give it over to you in a way that that’ll give you hope? I want you to know that I see you, I care and I believe you. With my whole being I believe that you matter! You see that ray of sunshine desperately breaking through the clouds? Grab onto it hold. it with whatever you have in you and fight, fight for you cuz you deserve whatever it is you desire. Tell me what it is that’ll open you up and make you believe again?! I want it for you I want you to be at peace, I think about you all the time you’re not broken you’re so beautiful so strong, please hang on, you matter you matter you matter. #youmatter #awareness #icare #staystrong #mentalhealthawarness