Why the World Ignores India’s Violence in Kashmir.
CJ Werleman

Well perhaps because the leaders of this movement don’t want to fight the battle of the polls, reflecting the essence of their cowardice, they encourage .. read pay… youngsters to throw stones! (By the way I’ve yet to come across any Indian youngster, anywhere in India, who will lose a chance to throw stones at authority … and get paid to do it!

These leaders also get security (protecting them from the local populace???) paid for by the Indian tax payers money. Pampered by the vote bank politics of democracy on one hand and funded by the islamphile organisations (especially the UN banned ones … under the terrorist tag), these leaders invest most of their ill gotten money into real estate properties and spend a small percentage on payouts to the stone throwers. They ensure they grow riches yet keep themselves relevant to get the goodies!

These leaders follow Pakistan to the core. Get ‘aid’, spend it mostly on the rulers/leaders themselves and let the cause go to the dogs.

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