Here is my experience in making games for android

At first I was so exited that I thought I would become a millionaire soon after my game release and then I realized that people hate great ideas they love beautiful stuff. So I learned this....

Food served in golden plate is more tasty than a great dish served in an iron plate

To know why this is true, in any field of work, read on....

I am a computer science student not really interested in studying stuff. I do things which satisfy me the most. I am a type of guy who thinks more about my future, make comfortable and easy way of living. So I started looking this world around me, staring at different type of persons and thinking… “where do I fit” . I used to watch tons of videos from YouTube and read thousands of blogs. On one fine day, for my good or bad , I was introduced to android development by an interesting YouTube video. I was attracted because, they said you can make money out of it. My comfortable life is linked to this money. So with out any regret I decided to develop an android game. I sat on my bed and started wondering where to start. I googled “how to make android games”. It throwed me many interesting answers. I picked those which were visited the most. And I started a course on android development.

Days passed.......

huff! Now I was little bit aware of some teqnical stuff involved behind developing an android game. They included.

  1. Design
  2. Coding
  3. Testing.


It can be understood with a little creative brain and with having a great patience. It is the visual output of any game creator’s brain .It is the first and most important thing in making any game. It took 2 weeks to learn basics on design.


It is the hardest part in my course. In general it can be understood this way.... “communicating with computer and getting our required results”. If learned with patience we can do miracles with this coding. In fact I fell in love with coding the moment I stared it.


It is done after giving life to the design with our


. The more we test the more we have a great finished product. Having a great group of testers helps giving us a great product.

The beginning

Coming to my desire for a comfortable life. I started searching for a nice and addictive concept for my game. I met with many ideas. And one morning I got an idea which I thought was addictive and wrote it on a paper. I put that paper in a safe place. And in the evening I opened that paper and was very excited to start making it into a reality. I opened my computer and stared setting up my project. Don’t ask me how many errors I got in the beginning, because I got millions of them. And with 2 weeks of coding I finished half of my game. I still remember an incident, that, one day I got thousands of errors and it took a whole day to remove all those bugs. With tons of patience and having trillion amount of love towards my game I at last completed my game. Thank God!

And the end

And now, it is time for me to release my game into store. I bought license from Google playstore for 25 years and released my game. End was not that much excited compared to the beginning, because everything I thought reversed.

My expectations

  • My game will get a thousand players
  • The reviews
  • Money 💰


  • My game got, roughly 250 downloads
  • Reviews said : Game play was very fast and not so addictive
  • Got 0$


So I leaned many things in this field of game development. My game though has a very nice concept, but the way it is introduced to users is very bad. Users expect some achievement in a game as they does not achieve many in real life. And games should be made with very neat and simple graphics. Simplicity is the best.

Apart from all this

I am making another game, keeping in mind all these experiences, hoping better days to come soon.

For your curiosity this is link to my game:

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