Lesson #1

How to draw KAWAII:

3 easy steps to make the most KAWAII thing you’ve ever seen.

  1. Circular face. If the face has jaw or cheek bones then it will ruin the whole thing! And we don’t want that do we?!

2. The eyes. They need to be pure black and quite low on the face. Remember to leave room for the cheeks though! I’m drawing them on an iPhone screen with my finger so they won’t look as good as the ones you do at home. After this step it may look like a bit of a demon but that’s okay step three will make it all better.

3. The KAWAII cheeks. Undoubtedly the most important part. Use quite a bright pink and draw a thick line under neath the eyes.

4. Bonus step for extra KAWAII. Accessorize!!! You can take this how ever you want maybe add some hair or something. BUT IT HAS TO BE KAWAII!!!

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