Opportunities and challenges for bringing behavioral health services into primary care

Most medical conditions are greatly affected if not outright dependent on patients’ mental health factors. That means that for physician-led primary care teams many common mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse must be treated first before other (also serious) conditions can be treated. Almost 70 percent of people with mental health conditions have one or more medical comorbidities. Better integration of mental health professionals into primary care and physical health teams can help better meet patient needs and lead to better results.

The aim of integrated behavioral health is to blend care into one setting for…

Servant Leadership in Teams and Work Groups

After declining productivity in the United States and higher competition for qualified employees, organizations have become more responsive to the need to keep employees happy recognizing the high costs of employee turnover and the higher productivity rates for satisfied employees. Servant Leadership is characterized as a leadership style that aims to influence and motivate followers by meeting all their higher-order needs such as the need for training or skill-building, empowerment for creative problem solving, and favorable working conditions. …

Leader-member exchange theory and the creation of in-groups and out-groups

Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX) takes a different approach to leadership than other theoretical approaches to leadership in that it looks at the dyadic leader to member relationship rather than just a top-down look from a leader to a team member.

Leader-member exchange theory doesn’t assume (like some leadership theories) that leaders deal with all subordinates in an equal or “same” manner. Instead, it takes for granted that each leader is different, each follower is different and together their relationship will be unique to them.

Originally developed as an alternative to general leadership style approaches, LMX theory draws from the social…

Partnering with patients for better health outcomes

Why patients are missing from their own healthcare

The reasons why some patients may not be fully engaged in their health care are myriad and complex. Insurance or financial burdens are an important factor that gets a lot of attention, but it isn’t the only one. Challenges can stem from many root causes, ranging from mistrusting doctors or the health system broadly to social determinants of health such as transportation, economic insecurity, lack of health literacy. …

An Old Style with New Tricks

Transformational leadership has taken off as a preferred leadership style among both corporations and researchers. Transformational leadership has been a standing ideal for companies in the technology sector and has a growing interest for leaders in healthcare. The effectiveness and behavioral components of transformational leadership have been highly studied.

Leaders in all industries, especially today, are interested in creating adaptive workforces for reacting to changing environments or diffuse organizational challenges, and research into transformational leadership has shown positively correlated with individual and organizational development and goal achievement as well as employee and customer satisfaction

As stated earlier, transformational leadership is…

Hospitals in rural America were already under significant financial strain prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and that strain has only intensified.

Since 2010 more than 132 rural hospitals have closed, and many rural health advocates are expecting that number to significantly increase in the months following covid closures. That is because a dramatic drop in revenues led by a canceling of non-emergency surgical procedures during coronavirus has led to significant shortfalls in rural hospitals. Last year approximately 18 rural hospitals closed. With 3 months left in 2020, 16 hospitals have already closed.

Though COVID-19 was initially slow to spread to…

Leadership in any organization takes many forms. This can happen for multiple reasons, but chief among them are the organizational culture or design and the specific industry ecosystem in which an organization exist. As an example, successful leadership in a military setting will look completely different from successful leadership in a business setting. The same would be true for successful healthcare leadership and political leadership or a vast number of other areas where one can exhibit leadership. Each context can have similarities with another as each organization will have different cultures and structures that will also develop distinct styles. …

A task force formed in June to study telehealth use during the coronavirus public health emergency has released a study and list of recommendations for expanding coverage and greater access after Covid-19

The task force was made up of some of the biggest names in telehealth advocacy and policymaking. The report is calling for permanent changes to telehealth coverage beyond just the coronavirus response, which has led to a significant expansion of telehealth services and usage.

The task force was formed on behalf of the American Telemedicine Association, the Alliance for Connected Care, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Major players in telehealth that participated and signed the report included Amwell Medical Group, Humana, Children’s National Health System, MD Live, Teladoc, AARP, Department of Health and Human Services, among many others.

Guest writer Cicely Batie goes on an exciting adventure in Missouri wine country and reviews her experience.

“Shooooooould we get another bottle?” I inquire as I slowly empty the remaining contents of the bottle at hand. As I try and balance the last drops equally between our two plastic cups, my boyfriend, Dan, meets my gaze and raises one eyebrow mischievously. A smile breaks on his face and he reaches over for his wallet and his mask and turns toward the A-Frame. Oh, wine in the time of COVID!

Poised on the edge of a bluff overlooking the Missouri River…

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