Today’s BAD story #1

Gwendolyn Spanks her “Bad Daddy”

He’s out on his usual Tuesday night bender with his Boss from Dallas, and their new Minneapolis client at the ‘hipster distillery dujour. Three drinks in he sees her and he realizes this is it, he can’t do it. He knew if he wanted to keep playing the game there was one rule that could never be broken. He had a 23 week streak that was going to come to a crash. She some how always new the right time, place and position that he couldn’t resist. But the magic words, “Hey Gwendolyn, it’s time to spank your Bad Daddy” to be spoken in the public place of her choice, stuck in his throat as he looked at his next six figure commission check in the eye.

He knew if he couldn’t say it they were done, she knew if he didn’t want to say it it was over.

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