After Finsbury Park: Tackling Islamophobia as ‘extremism’ will compound Prevent’s failures
Yahya Birt

Another terrorist related article. There are so many of them that we’ve forgotten how this all started. Was it 911? If so, and if the US had treated it as a crime instead of a “war on terror”, most likely this war would have never existed. But no. Now we have practically the whole world fearing and hating Muslims. You can’t help but think terrorism whenever you see someone dressed in Muslim attire and that’s because we’ve all been brainwashed 24/7 by fear and propaganda into believing that ALL Muslims are evil when in actuality there are some Muslims who are often justifiably pissed off at the US for the atrocities they committed in the past but go about getting justice with terroristic acts because they don’t have drones and hi tech weapons. As Madeleine Albright said, “the world is a mess” and the US IS THE WORST OFFENDER!!