Audience Intelligence

Listen, Engage, Measure, Repeat

There are a slew of great twitter tools. @rrhoover recently released an awesome ProductHunt listing 15 of them, called Tweet Tweet.

There are also a lot of great tools to ‘better understand’ your audience. One of those tools is the Buffer (which enables great timing of your posts, and their Pablo app that enables great visuals), and they constantly talk about other great ‘audience insights’ tools on their blog. In this guest blogpost, Alex Manthei from @Mention (another amazing tool) gives 5 awesome methods and 15 even awesomer tools to build your community (including Riffle and Intercom).

We are constantly looking at tools to better understand our audience. We’ve developed what we like to call an Audience Intelligence System. In reality, its really just a method, or approach (with a little bit of our own ‘secret sauce’ thrown in).


Before we do anything, we do our best to listen to our audience (and their audience!). Learning the perspective of your audience has never been easier. We like using Gnostics to see what they are talking about on twitter, and who is listening to them, what each is doing on other other social platforms.


When we’ve done our fair share of listening, we turn to engagement.

Often, this starts with following people (we’ll follow some of our audience’s top followers, and we find they will often follow us right back). Then we try a few targeted tweets (using Buffer & Pablo — for timing and content). Then, we might even craft some multimedia content that we think will appeal to our specific target. We will sometimes even engage with them directly on our (and their) platform of choice. (If we are feeling bold, we may even tweet directly to him or her).


Then we sit back and observe.

We try to be disciplined about it.

We use a variety of analytics platforms, that we use to determine our impact. It might be nil, or it might hit our niche with a relevant message.


Then we start the whole process over again.

We begin by listening.