Being relevant.

Connecting and engaging with targeted audiences is easier now than ever before

Facebook just released a new ‘Relevance Score’ feature for advertisers. Twitter and Google just partnered, to make relevant tweets appear in your Google searches real-time.

Relevancy is quickly becoming the next ‘killer app.’

That’s one reason we like to use a variety of social media tools (free and paid services) concurrently to identify, engage and grow our social audience(s).

Within the ‘free’ category of tools, we use a variety including TweetDeck, Buffer, and Gnostics (our own twitter-based audience identity dashboard). (In the ‘paid’ realm, there are too many to count, including HootSuite, Socialbro, SproutSocial, TweetDeck, Influitive, Followerwonk (by Moz), JustUnfollow and many others).

Our own Dogfood

As an experiment, I started using our Gnostics audience intelligence system to target our own audience ‘sweet spot’ (i.e. Social Media Marketers, Community Managers, Content Marketers, Agencies and other creatives) with an omnichannel approach. I kept open 4 browser windows, with each of my dashboards open: Twitter, Tweetdeck, Buffer and Gnostics. I ran a couple experiments in audience engagement. Check out the video here.

One thing that I learned is that while many marketers collect lots of customer data from many sources, a lack of coordination and integration widens the divide between the loyalty that companies want and the potential loyalty that customers give.

Many Marketers are missing the deep, meaningful insights available from omnichannel listening— necessary to personalize creative in a way that engages and pleases.

All brands, companies, politicians and others are constantly struggling with being relevant to their audience. In a recent study of Fortune 100 Companies, Axciom (recently partnered with Facebook) found that “savvy marketers blend data from multiple sources to provide customer engagement that is authentic, relevant, consistent to the brand, nurturing comfort, familiarity, safety and trust.”

Audience Intelligence

The Gnostics audience intelligence system helps social media marketers understand, engage and grow their social audiences. We integrate data from all social sources to augment and enhance your twitter audience(s), or your competitor’s social audience(s). Real and actionable insights and tools to craft your message and engage with new audiences. We find it pretty efficient and effective. We hope you do too!

Please take our dashboard for a quick spin — we think you’ll like it. All feedback is welcomed.