Enhance your data.

Twitter audience data augmentation is easier than you might think

You can sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered.

Just follow these 5 simple steps, and then just sit back and watch your social audiences grow overnight, and then grow some more. Got a twitter account, some relevant keywords and hashtags? Perfect. Now let’s begin.

First, get a Buffer account (absolutely free).

Next, get a TweetDeck account (absolutely free).

(Optionally, get a Mention account (also absolutely free, for a trial period)).

Third, get a Gnostics account (absolutely free, for 14 days).

Gnostics delivers omnichannel data on your (or your competitors’) social audiences

Fourth, watch this: https://vimeo.com/119813015

Fifth, try it yourself:

Open up all of your dashboards in different browser windows (Twitter, Buffer, Tweetdeck, Mention and Gnostics). Search on Twitter for your hashtags and key words. Retweet some of the resulting relevant tweets, that seem well scribed. Follow the authors. Next, try running a Gnostics audience search on the authors of relevant posts. Try this on Gnostics: Follow their top 10 followers (60–70% will follow you back), Tweet to their influencers, and their most influential followers, follow whom they favorite.

Build a relevant tweet from the insights your learn from the cross-platform profiles. Post it on Buffer or Tweetdeck, and choose optimum times (See this post). Try adding hashtags, and including handles from your ‘audience search.’

You can rely on Gnostics for an omnichannel view of your audience, and the audience of anyone you search. Seems simple enough, no? Let us know what you think— we love feedback!