Oh, to be in love…

golden hour

It’s never what you think 
those #goals you see online, 
expecting some grand gift
room full of chocolate and wine.

Here’s a quick thought, 
don’t do it for the likes 
for it gets old real fast. 
Soon, all that is left 
is a bright white screen.

He doesn’t post me on the ‘gram often
so I guess I should dump him;
but what about when he waits for me
to go inside my house or waits to eat dinner 

Or when he forces me to go out, 
even though, I don’t want to
In the end, I always enjoy that time,
I thank him for encouraging me.

Or the drop top rides during golden hour
No phones, no nothing, just the wind 
as we zoom past the hills.

Or that time we tried to chase snow…
in California. 
But then again, he doesn’t post me often
I guess I should dump him.

No, I am not settling. 
Grand gestures come, but really
I want those small moments.
The ones that aren’t glamorized,
that make my heart full and content.

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